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Carolina Aerial Solutions LLC 

FAA Part 107 UAV Drone pilot certificate. 

We use the best drones in the industry. Our DJI Mavic Zoom has 4k video capabilities. Our company is combat veteran owned and operated. We look forward to working with our customers to customize our work to meet your needs. From real-estate, construction, inspections, agriculture crop damage assessments, advertising, marketing, and any other projects that will accommodate our clients. 


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1511 Yorkston dr Rock Hill, S.C. 29730

Office: 803-207-1942 - Cell: 803-610-9425

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For all of your aerial needs.

Real Estate 
Residential and Commercial

We provide aerial and still photos. We can produce up to 4K videos for all of your commercial and residential needs.

Building and Construction
Site Monitoring

We can provide progression photos of your construction projects. We will help build your brand for your future portfolio and give you the edge you need to compete against your competition.

Roof and Other Inspection

We perform residential and commercial roof top inspections. We assess leaks and damage due to hail or wind. We can take before and after photos of roof damage and repair. We can help determine if a repair is needed in a safe and effective manner. We also provide inspections of water towers, grain silos, bridges, and any other project that may require and aerial inspection.


Agriculture drone services are being used as a tool in the farming and agriculture community. The indispensable tools needed for crop management and the advantages of having the ability to make confident rational decisions to be able to become more efficient. By aerial photos and videos you will be able to detect crop damage, analyze counts, and mitigate loss.

Special Events

From car shows, birthday parties, family reunions, class reunions, sporting events, sporting practices, drag racing, golf, etc.

Custom requests

If you have a project and we don't have it listed here we can work with you to provide the video footage or photo you need to complete your project.

This is Nation Ford. The original trestle completed in 1852 on the old river crossing of what was known as Nation Ford. The site was burned by the federals on April 19, 1865. The trestle was rebuilt after the Civil War. Then again it was destroyed by a flood in 1916. It was then rebuilt as you see it here.